Ontario Laboratories Information System

eHealth Ontario is leading the implementation of the Ontario laboratories information system (OLIS) across the province as part of its ehealth strategy.

OLIS is a system that connects hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories and practitioners to facilitate the secure, electronic exchange of laboratory test orders and results.

As a province-wide, integrated repository of tests and results, OLIS contributes to fundamental improvements in patient care by providing practitioners with timely access to information that is needed at the time of clinical decision making.


Patient Benefits

  • Reduces gaps in information as patients move between hospital, practitioner’s office (e.g. family physicians, specialists), home care and long-term care settings

  • Improves integration and monitoring of laboratory history and treatment progress to support chronic disease management

  • Reduces unnecessary laboratory tests due to greater availability and sharing of information

  • Improves speed and access to laboratory test results by practitioners

Clinician Benefits

  • Improves access to information for improved decision-making at point of care

  • Ensures comprehensive and complete laboratory test information

  • Improves coordination of care between multiple practitioners and within health care teams

  • Improves workflow and reduces dependency on paper-based systems