Our ONE ID identity and access management service is a set of systems and processes that enables health care providers to access secure ehealth solutions.

Secure & Reliable

Only registered health care providers and their staff who require access to a patient’s personal health information are able to access this data. Our robust identity validation process uses a clinician’s real-world identity to create a digital identity, which is then used to authenticate their access.

We work with staff in health care organizations to ensure that our processes are followed to register and validate users.

ONE ID is also used to register computer applications into a public key infrastructure identity authentication service for system-to-system connectivity. We provide clients with public key infrastructure certificates that allow them to verify the identity of other users of our solutions to ensure message security, non- repudiated identity, integrity and confidentiality. The public key infrastructure service helps clients securely exchange sensitive information and conduct transactions over public and private networks, including the internet.

ONE® ID and CPSO Members

Physicians and surgeons looking for a fast and easy way to get secure access to provincial digital health services can now visit The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO) website and register for a ONE ID account.

Why would a physician or surgeon want a ONE ID account? See our FAQs and learn more

Once you’ve registered, contact us anytime at to find out what services you can now access.


  • Enables access to ehealth services in a highly secure, controlled and efficient manner

  • Authorization model enables organizations to identify individual users for access to ehealth services

  • Enhanced privacy and security safeguards help protect patient and registrant information

  • Enables access to multiple ehealth services via a single login ID and password