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Digital Health Services

Our suite of digital health services supports the delivery of modern, integrated, patient-centred care. Available to both individual clinicians and health care organizations, these robust, highly scalable services meet stringent privacy and security standards and enable the secure exchange of patient information across the province.

Acute and Community Care Clinical Data Repository

ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer

cSWO Regional Clinical Viewer, ClinicalConnect

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Health Drug Repository

ONE ID Account

ONE ID Application Federation

ONE ID Federation

ONE Mail Direct

ONE Mail Partnered

Ontario Laboratories Information System

Organizations Contributing Patient Data to the EHR

More than 6 billion records are stored in provincial repositories across the province. This includes 1.5 billion records in the drug repository, 3.8 billion results in the lab repository, 88 million exams in digital imaging repositories and 366 million records in the acute care clinical document repository, with more data being added every day. Click on each repository to find out who’s contributing data.

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Managing Privacy

Our privacy office ensures that the electronic exchange of personal health information among patients and health care providers is conducted securely, protecting and enhancing individual privacy.

Managing Security

Our security program is built on a foundation of best practices, and includes a range of features, procedures and processes that are designed to protect sensitive health information.

Success Stories

See firsthand how our work today is enhancing delivery of patient care in Ontario.