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eHealth Ontario actively engages new information technology (IT) to improve both quality and access to health care for the people of Ontario. We are enabling doctors and clinicians to talk to one another and share patient information electronically.

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Today, 3 out of 4 Ontarians are covered by electronic medical record (EMR) software.

3 out of 4 Ontarians
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At eHealth Ontario we are building new IT systems and connecting existing ones that allow doctors and health care providers to get secure, accurate and comprehensive patient information quickly and efficiently. This saves valuable time and money.

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Personal health information (PHI) is a private matter and an important concern for all Ontarians. eHealth Ontario is leading the way in ensuring seamless integration of privacy processes, practices and policies for all applications of EHRs.

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Ontario’s ehealth blueprint is a framework for EHR planning and delivery. It provides a future state, high-level view of the EHR in Ontario.

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