Drug Profile Viewer (DPV)

The drug profile viewer (DPV) is a secure, web-enabled application that provides authorized health care providers across the province with prescription drug claims information of 3.8 million Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) and Trillium Drug Program (TDP) eligible Ontarians.

Since 2005, Ontario hospitals have been successfully using the DPV system, leading to requests for access by providers outside of hospital settings. As part of the government’s provincial strategy to improve patient care, safety and access, eHealth Ontario is exploring ways to effectively bring prescription drug information to health care providers.

The ODB Program provides coverage to eligible recipients for more than 3,800 drug products. The DPV system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Patient Benefits

  • Contributes to increased patient safety and the prevention of adverse drug reactions

  • Faster assessments and treatments

  • Reduces the need to repeat medication information

  • Access to drug history is immediate – in real time – and is simple and quick to use

Client Benefits

  • Ability to access medication history even when patients are unable to communicate (e.g., unconscious, language barriers)

  • Strong foundation for reconciling a patient’s medication history

  • Faster recognition and prevention of adverse drug reactions

  • Potential for expedited medical assessments, allowing for a faster diagnosis