Annual Reports

The benefits of electronic health care are already a reality for millions of Ontarians. Our mandate calls on eHealth Ontario to help ensure an electronic health record to all 13 million Ontarians. Download our annual reports and learn more about our progress.


Our story is one of remarkable achievement. The choices made in Ontario years ago have proven to be the foundation of an enduring system – one built on local, regional and now provincial assets being woven into a coherent and secure provincial system that benefits patients throughout Ontario. By the end of this fiscal year, 77,000 care providers and almost 2,000 health organizations across the province were connected to the electronic health record.

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2014–2015 has been a significant year in eHealth Ontario’s readiness to deliver an electronic health record (EHR) for every Ontarian. The building blocks are now in place across Ontario, so that clinicians, patients and their families all benefit from the government’s investments in health care technology and connectivity.

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This past year, the agency focused on growing the electronic medical record (EMR) implementation and achieving more meaningful use by more clinicians, connecting them to the Ontario laboratories information system (OLIS) and allowing electronic receipt of hospital reports. EMR adoption rates, as a result, and their inherent benefits have soared. 

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Ontario’s EHR is now becoming a reality. eHealth Ontario is shifting its emphasis to operations, maintenance and delivering electronic services. 

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This past year has been marked with meaningful progress as eHealth Ontario delivers on projects essential to the development of an electronic health record (EHR) system. These efforts will bolster the long-term sustainability of Ontario’s health care system.

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