Physician & Community eHealth

EMR systems allow doctors and clinicians to collect, store and share patient health records electronically. The majority of patient health information is collected in physician offices. The ability to electronically exchange information between physicians and other health care providers will enable enhanced care and patient safety.

Physician & Community eHealth oversees the EMR adoption program with the goal to broaden and accelerate adoption of EMRs among community-based providers. OntarioMD, a subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), is eHealth Ontario’s partner for the delivery of the program to eligible providers.

Physician & Community eHealth works on initiatives that will enhance EMR functionality and assists in integrating EMRs with key provincial systems – providing clinicians with greater access to clinical information, in a timely and secure manner.

EMR Adoption

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Visit the OntarioMD portal to download a New EMR Adopter Funding Application Form. 


Patient Benefits

  • Improved access to patient information by the providers at the point-of-care
  • Optimized safety using alerts to reduce medication errors and provide proactive preventative care measures
  • Enhanced quality of care with access to more comprehensive data, decision support and best practices
  • Improved wellness of patients through earlier identification of clinical results and more rapid intervention
  • Reduction in re-ordering of lab tests

Clinician Benefits

  • Improved access to patient information in a standardized manner, providing efficiencies and eliminating duplication of effort at point-of-care
  • Improved turnaround of information at point-of-care (hospital reports, electronic laboratory results)
  • Better coordination of care between multiple practitioners and within health care teams
  • Better security of patient health information than paper-based records

Health System Benefits

  • Costly hospital encounters are avoided by preventing errors
  • Accelerated adoption of EMRs demonstrates value and contributes to improving the efficiency of the entire health care system
  • Better tools to identify trends, facilitate forecasting and improve planning


Recent Accomplishments

  • Building on the success of the primary care IT program, which resulted in approximately 3,000 primary care physicians adopting EMRs, eHealth Ontario launched the EMR adoption program in November 2009. The EMR adoption program is a joint initiative between eHealth Ontario and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA).
  • There are currently more than 12,000 community-based providers enrolled in an EMR adoption program, representing coverage for more than 10 million Ontarians.
  • Physician & Community eHealth established a delivery partnership with the Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) to roll out a modern EMR system across 75 community health centres, 10 Aboriginal health access centres, and five nurse practitioner-led clinics (NPLCs). This is now the single largest EMR implementation project in Canada.
  • An additional 21 NPLCs are actively moving to adopt provincially certified EMRs.
  • Hospital report solutions are now electronically delivering over 500,000 patient hospital reports per month to primary care providers from 80% of Ontario’s hospital corporations.