ConnectingOntario is the eHealth Ontario initiative formerly known as regional integration. ConnectingOntario involves leveraging local, regional and provincial assets and connecting existing information technologies in ways that improve patient care and clinical efficiencies.

The initiative revolves around developing three ehealth clusters (connectingGreaterTorontoArea, connectingSouthWestOntario and connectingNorthernandEasternOntario) to implement regional hubs. These hubs will enable effective delivery of provincial ehealth solutions.

Ultimately, ConnectingOntario will enable province-wide information sharing by linking the ehealth cluster hubs to a provincial hub.


Patient Benefits

  • Improves quality of care, patient flow, patient safety and continuity of care
  • Reduces redundancy (such as duplicate testing)
  • Providers better and more timely care
  • Enables more informed health care decisions and improved patient outcomes

Clinician Benefits

  • Improves efficiency of clinical decision-making
  • Allows more time for patient care by reducing administrative burdens
  • Improves the ability to better manage, coordinate and plan care
  • Increases the ability to monitor patient outcomes

Health System Benefits

  • Accelerates development and delivery of electronic health records
  • Supports opportunities to improve the overall sustainability of the health system
  • Enhances health system planning, decision support and performance management
  • Reduces wait times across the continuum of care